Non-silicone Thermal Conductive Grease
  • Item No. : KennTherm 9310
  • Porduct Name : Thermal Interface Material
KennTherm 9310 Thermal Grease is a non-silicone grease with low thermal impedance and long-term stability.
The Specially formulated thermal Grease with low viscosity and good consistency can be spread easily and evenly.
It can apply to the base and mounting studs of transistors, diodes and silicon-controlled rectifiers.
It can also serve as an effective thermal interface material for many heat sink devices where efficient cooling is required.
Feature :
1. Non-silicone base
2. No-metal compound, No migration
3. Safe to use, Easy to clean and Easy to apply
4. Low dry-out, Low thermal impedance
Specification :
Properties Test Methods Units KennTherm 9310
Color     White
Specific Gravity ASTM D1475 g/cm3 2.5
Viscosity BrookField CVE #7 12RPM Cps <350000
Thermal Conductivity ASTM D5470 W/m-K 1.8
Thermal Impedance ASTM D5470 K-in2/W 0.026
Dry-Out test 240Hrs at 100℃ Weight% <0.03%
Dielectric Strength ASTM D-149 KV/mm 2