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Kenner has been incorporated since 2000. We specialize in polymeric material development for information and communication industries. With experienced and dedicated personnel, Kenner has developed a number of outstanding products. They are, KennElec for electrically conductive and antistatic applications and KennTherm for thermally conductive applications. Our Main Products : electrically conductive,antistatic applications,thermally conductive applications,compounder sheet,conductive thermal forming sheet,blown film,transparent thermal forming sheet,film. Main products:Thermal Grease, Permanently Antistatic Bags, Permanent Dissipative Film, Transparent PS Sheet, Conductive Compounds, Permanently Antistatic Compounds, Thermal Interface Material, Permanently Antistatic Sheet, Conductive Thermoplastic Rubber, Permanently Antistatic Rubber, Electrically Conductive, Conductive Thermal Forming Sheet, Transparent Thermal Forming Sheet, Film, Manufacturer, suppliers,vender,Grasa Termal,Graisse Thermique.

New Product

KennElec 8298A

Transparent Polystyrene (PS) Sheet

KennElec 8298A Transparent Polystyrene Sheet is a reliable material for carrier to protect and transport electronic devices , and precisely delivering them to the assembly point.
The carriers made of KennElec 8298A exhibit good tensile and impact strength for wide operation temperature.
The carrier tapes made of KennElec 8298A perform good dimensional stability and lineal property at elevated temperature as well.

KennElec 7710B

Permanently Antistatic TPE Sheet

KennElec 7710B is permanently antistatic TPE sheet.
KennElec 7710B sheet serves various industries for antistatic / ESD applications without carbon black.