Permanently Anti-static Film
  • Item No. : KennFilm 1608
  • Porduct Name : Clear Dissipative Film
Clear Dissipative Film
KennFilm 1608 is made of polyethylene by multi-layer blown film process.
The well-designed structure is to fit the requirements of various applications for permanent static protection.
Feature :
1. Multi-layer polyethylene
2. Amine Free and Antimony Free
3. Permanently antistatic, humidity independent
4. Excellent anti-static property at 12% RH or under vacuum environment
5. No blooming, no migration, no contamination.
Specification :
Property Test Method Units KF-1608
Base Polymer     PE
Thickness Thickness gauge um 20
Tensile Strength (MD/TD) ASTM D882 Kg/cm2 170 / 170
Elongation at Break (MD/TD) ASTM D882 % 100 / 60
Transmission ASTM D-1003 % >90
Surface Resistivity (ESD PE@50%RH) ASTM D257 Ohm/sq <5E10
Surface Resistivity (ESD PE@12%RH) ASTM D257 Ohm/sq <9E10