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Kenner has been incorporated since 2000. We specialize in polymeric material development for information and communication industries. With experienced and dedicated personnel, Kenner has developed a number of outstanding products. They are, KennElec for electrically conductive and antistatic applications and KennTherm for thermally conductive applications. Our Main Products : electrically conductive,antistatic applications,thermally conductive applications,compounder sheet,conductive thermal forming sheet,blown film,transparent thermal forming sheet,film. Main products:Thermal Grease, Permanently Antistatic Bags, Permanent Dissipative Film, Transparent PS Sheet, Conductive Compounds, Permanently Antistatic Compounds, Thermal Interface Material, Permanently Antistatic Sheet, Conductive Thermoplastic Rubber, Permanently Antistatic Rubber, Electrically Conductive, Conductive Thermal Forming Sheet, Transparent Thermal Forming Sheet, Film, Manufacturer, suppliers,vender,Grasa Termal,Graisse Thermique.

Antimony Free, Cover Tape‎

As a leading manufacturer of antimony free‎, we provide ‎cover tape‎ with high quality and reasonable price. Thermally Conductive compound - Kenner Material & System Co., Ltd firmly believes that inform customers make better choices and as such we like educate wherever possible with regards to existing systems and new advances in technology. Our company is a professional manufacturer of antimony free‎, providing ‎cover tape‎ with top quality. As a client-centric company, we constantly endeavour to offer quality assortment and we know that it is essential for us to serve the demands of our valued clients that are eminent in the domestic as well as international markets.
Double-sided Permanently Anti-static Cover Tape

KennFilm 3000

Double-sided Permanently Anti-static Cover Tape(antimony free

KennFilm 3000 series cover tapes ( antimony free ) can reduce the environmental impact and improve your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)                                   Antimony Free
Ultra low peeling electrostatic potential、Excellent low attrition rate( or throwing rate)
Double-sided permanently anti-static with good anti-static performance at 12% RH
Comply to the requirement of ANSI/ESD S541 E.7 (R<1011Ω)
No migration
Good peeling performance
High transparency
KennFilm 3000 series are double-sided permanently anti-static cover tapes to protect and transport electrostatic-sensitive electrical and electronic devices.
Feature :

1.Antimony Free
2.Ultra low peeling electrostatic potential、Excellent low attrition rate( or throwing rate)
3.Double-sided permanently anti-static with good anti-static performance at 12% RH
4.Comply to the requirement of ANSI/ESD S541 E.7 (R<1011Ω)
5.No migration
6.Good peeling performance
7.High transparency

Application :

Property Test Method Units KF3121 KF3521
Base Polymer     PO/PA
Thickness Thickness gauge um 54±5
Tensile Strength (MD) ASTM D882 Kg/cm2 ≧350
Elongation at Break (MD) ASTM D882 % ≧300
Haze ASTM D-1003 % ≦20
Transmission ASTM D-1003 % ≧90
Surface Resistance (Backing) ESD STM11.13 Ohm ≦10E10
Surface Resistance (Component Side) ESD STM11.13 Ohm ≦9E9
Peeling Electrostatic Potential Kenner Method Volt 15 10
Recommended Sealing Temperature - 150-170 120-150
Recommended Sealed Carrier Tape - - PS PC

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With our advance research on a day to day needs of the consumer, our products are at the front. We are best in the manufacturing of ‎cover tape‎. Our strict inspections and testing have ensured that all our antimony free‎, ‎cover tape‎ achieve a high level of performance even in harsh conditions. We can promise that whatever your antimony free‎ or ‎cover tape‎ problem is, we will find a way to solve it to your satisfaction. This means we will customize orders, negotiate fairly, and it means that we look forward to working with you!